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Your observance of the following regulations and courtesies is respectfully requested. Enjoy your visit at Pine Ridge Golf Club!

Dress Code – Golf Course and Driving Range

The Club's dress code applies to members, guests, and tournament participants. It does not apply to visitors coming to the Club to conduct business with the General Manager, or to guests who are attending a social event such as a wedding, which may have a special dress theme.

In general, golf attire in the styles available for purchase in the Golf Shop is deemed to be appropriate attire (unless otherwise excluded below) and can be used as a general guideline for appropriate wear on the golf course or driving range.

Appropriate Attire:
  • Shirts with collars and sleeves are appropriate attire for gentlemen.
  • Shirts must be always worn but may be untucked.
  • Sleeved or sleeveless and collared or collarless shirts are appropriate attire for ladies.
  • Cold weather clothing (as required) such as hoodies, windbreakers, toques, etc.
  • Proper golf footwear.

Inappropriate Attire:
  • Tank tops, tee shirts, halter tops or any top showing the midriff, painted, numbered, fishnet, muscle shirts or any shirt with pictures/slogans or offensive language.
  • Sweatpants, denim, or cut-offs.
  • Exercise or “work out” attire including shorts, tennis shorts, jogging shorts, or athletic shorts.
  • Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Golf hats or caps worn backwards.

Dress Code – Members’ Lounge
  • Attire deemed appropriate for the golf course will also be allowed in the Members’ Lounge.
  • Caps, hats, or any type of headwear is not permitted in the Members’ Lounge. Exceptions may be made for religious, cultural, or medical purposes.
  • Denim is allowed in the members’ lounge if the denim does not have any holes, rips, or frayed hems.
  • Footwear is always required in the Members’ Lounge
  • Members and guests are requested to clean the soles of their golf shoes prior to entering the Members' Lounge after a round of golf or practice session.
Except on special occasions as noted above, the Club's Professional Staff have been asked to enforce the guidelines as set out by the Board of Governors

Cart Regulations

  • Hand carts must not be pulled between bunkers and greens, or onto tee boxes
  • Power carts may not be taken within 30 feet of the perimeter of any green, or within 10 feet of the edge of any tee. Stay outside the white painted lines in front of the greens, where applicable.
  • Avoid driving, as much as possible, in soft ground or in the wheel marks of other carts, particularly in the first cut of rough

Golf Course Courtesies

  • Cellular Phones: Members and guests are asked to set their cellphones to vibrate or silent mode while at the Club. If you must use your phone, please do so discreetly and in a remote area so that others are not affected.
  • Speed of Play: Pine Ridge Golf Club's pace of play policy is based on the premise that a group's position on the golf course is behind the group in front of you, not in front of the group behind you.
  • Divots, Ball Marks, and Bunkers: Naturally, we expect all players to replace divots, repair ball marks on the greens, and rake the bunkers after playing their shots.
  • Lost Balls: If adversity strikes, and you need time to find your ball, do not hesitate to signal the group behind you to play through
  • Suggestions: Always be ready to play your shot. In social play, adopt the rule of "ready golf", having due regard for your fellow players' safety. On the green, line up your putt while others are putting. Mark your scorecard on the next tee box.