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Tournament Policies

Pine Ridge Golf Club is a private club that strives to provide the utmost in service to its Members and their guests. Please take the time to read through the following policies to ensure a successful and stress free event.


Pine Ridge Event Policies

All tournaments must include a banquet. Banquet menus are provided, and Pine Ridge will also arrange special menus at the tournament organizer’s request. Pine Ridge Golf Club reserves the right to adjust prices from season to season, according to our costs. However, all tournaments will receive a contract indicating guaranteed prices as negotiated with Pine Ridge in advance of their scheduled tournament.

Prices cannot be guaranteed more than six months from the time of booking.

The Food and Beverage Manager must be informed 72 hours in advance of the tournament as to the number of people having dinner. This number will reflect the minimum meal charge for the tournament.

The tournament organizer must sign all tournament requests, and a deposit of $1,000 shall accompany all tournament reservation requests. Acceptance of deposit will be confirmation of the reservation.

All tournaments commencing on Mondays will be consecutive tee times beginning at 12:00 p.m.

All tournaments commencing on Wednesdays will be shotgun starts beginning at 12:00 p.m.

All Wednesday tournaments must have a minimum of 120 players – tournaments with less than 120 players may be subjected to a penalty fee to recoup lost revenue unless prior arrangements have been made.

Occasional liquor permits are not accepted. All groups shall use Pine Ridge Golf Club bars, and all alcohol beverages consumed at Pine Ridge must be purchased from Pine Ridge – all personal alcohol will be confiscated and not returned. All bars will close at 10:00 p.m.

Pine Ridge operates its own concessions in the Clubhouse, on the golf course and elsewhere when required. Pine Ridge must provide all food and beverages consumed at Pine Ridge Golf Club. As well, no food may be taken off the premises after a function.

Groups at Pine Ridge may use the Clubhouse and the locker rooms on a casual basis.

Groups are responsible for any loss or damage to Club property. This charge will be billed to the tournament organizer on the final tournament invoice. Loud or drunken behaviour may result in the immediate cancellation of the function.

Pine Ridge will assist the tournament organizer with the placement of hole signage, hole signs, etc. on the golf course. The Club must receive a list of on course activities and their requirements at least five (5) days prior to the tournament. All signage should also be delivered to the Golf Shop a minimum of two (2) days before the tournament.

All signage will be removed from the golf course after the tournament and returned to the Golf Shop for pick up after your banquet. Pine Ridge will not be responsible for any materials left behind after the tournament ends.

Tournament draw information must be provided to the Golf Shop five (5) days in advance.

This will be considered the guaranteed minimum number of players.

All indoor areas of Pine Ridge Golf Club are designated as non-smoking.


Dress Code

Suitable dress is required on Club premises at all times. Tournament guests who are not in compliance with the rules of dress will be asked to change into dress more appropriate or, failing to do so, to leave Club premises.

Shirts must be worn at all times.

Shirts with collars and sleeves are appropriate attire for men, ladies tops must have either sleeves or a collar.

Tank tops, tee shirts, painted shirts, fish net, and athletic tops or jerseys are not permitted.

Pine Ridge Golf Club is a soft spike facility, no metal spikes are allowed on the golf course, or in the Clubhouse.

The wearing of headgear of any kind is not permitted throughout the Clubhouse area, the only exception being the locker rooms.

Shoes must be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse, except the locker rooms.

Shorts must be tailored and a maximum of 6” above a bent knee.

Denim and sweat pants are not permitted on the golf course or in the Clubhouse.

Inclement Weather

Tournaments will play as scheduled unless the golf course is deemed unplayable by the Golf Professional or the Course Superintendent.

On Course Food & Beverage Activities

Pine Ridge Golf Club allows a maximum of two (2) food giveaway holes, and two alcohol sampling holes per tournament, that are not provided by Pine Ridge.

As per MLCC & Pine Ridge rules and regulations, a licensed representative from the company donating the sample alcohol must be present to serve the samples. The licensed representative must be on site for the duration of the tournament, and if the company donating the alcohol cannot provide a representative to serve their samples, we can provide a “Serving it Safe” trained staff member at a cost of $20.00 per hour. There are no exceptions to this rule – no golfer or volunteer may serve the samples, even if they have their “Serving it Safe” card.

All samples of alcohol that are being donated for a sample hole must come from the company that sells/serves them. For example, Fort Garry Breweries can donate Fort Garry beer, but a bank, construction company, staffing company, etc. cannot donate liquor.

*MLCC Licensee Field Manual, Page 30 – March 2012 – Sampling*

Sampling to the licensee’s patrons may only be conducted by a registered marketing representative. Samples may not be sold and may be provided in maximum sizes, as follows: wine 60 ml (2 ounces); wine based and spirits based coolers, cider and beer, 120 ml (4 ounces); spirits and liqueurs, 15 ml (1/2 ounce) – non-alcoholic drinks should not be mixed with alcohol.