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Do I have to be a member in order to book a Wedding or Special Event at Pine Ridge?
No, our Thomas Bendelow and Donald Ross rooms are open for public bookings. There are however areas of the club that are restricted to club members. (Members Lounge, Locker Rooms, etc.).
How do I book the facility?
Your date is secured with an $800.00 deposit & the completion of the Event Agreement form included in our Wedding Package. The deposit is non-refundable
When do I pay for the balance of my event and what methods of payment do you accept?
Payment of the projected invoice is preferred prior to your event, however payment must be made no later than 24 hours following the events completion. Accepted payment methods are Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, AMEX and MasterCard. Any past due accounts will be charged a monthly fee of 2.5%.
Are we allowed to bring in outside food or beverage? Can leftover food be taken home?
Pine Ridge Golf Club must supply all food & beverage services with the exception of wedding cakes & favours (candy bar, etc.). Additional exceptions may be discussed prior to the event with the Banquet Manager. No food or beverage may be removed from the premises at any time.
Does Pine Ridge have a dress code?
Pine Ridge has a strictly enforced Dress Code Policy, which is in effect for members & guests using the golf course. Blue jeans & denim outfits are acceptable for a private event in the Bendelow or Donald Ross Room.
Am I allowed to have only my ceremony at Pine Ridge?
Unfortunately we do not allow ceremonies to be held at Pine Ridge, unless we are hosting the reception.
Is there an automatic service charge added to my bill?
Any group of 8 people or over will have an automatic service charge of 16% added to the pretax total of the bill. Please keep in mind that the prices listed in this package do not include GST or PST.
Am I charged a damage deposit of any sort? Is there security provided?
We do not charge a damage deposit, but the Wedding assumes all responsibility for any damage that occurs to the Clubhouse, Golf Course or any property of Pine Ridge Golf Club. We prohibit the use of tacks, nails, tapes, screws or any other source that could mark or damage any surface of the clubhouse. Any damages that occur will be added to your final bill.

For the added security of your family & friends, Pine Ridge Golf Club has a security officer on site for the evening - a fee of $145 will be added to your final bill.
Can we use the Golf Course or Golf Carts for pictures?
Pine Ridge has several picture-perfect spots surrounding our Clubhouse that can be used for pictures at your leisure. We ask that if you would like to use the area ‘in play’ for pictures, you & your photographer come out to the club prior to your event & pick out some spots in an effort to eliminate the traffic on the course. Please advise the Banquet Manager if you require carts to be used for pictures.
When do I need to provide my Guaranteed guest numbers?
We require your final guest count 7 days prior to the event. All billings shall be based on your guaranteed number or actual in attendance, whichever is higher. (Example: 100 Final count, and 93 in actual attendance. Host will be billed for 100 meals). Please note that any estimates provided guarantee the price per unit and not consumption. In the case of Bar estimates it is impossible for us to accurately estimate the amount consumed.
Are we able to make substitutions to the menu? We have guests who have allergies, are you able to accommodate them?
Pine Ridge does not serve any pre-portioned, frozen, or pre-made products. This allows us to make almost any changes that you wish to your dish (price permitting). Because all our dishes are made fresh in our kitchen, this also allows us to closely monitor any allergies & dietary restrictions. In the event that any of your guests have food allergies, you must inform us of the names of such persons and their allergies, so we may take the necessary precautions when preparing their food.
Is there a Cake Cutting Fee?
If you would like Pine Ridge to cut your Wedding Cake, there is a fee of $2.50 per person which includes plating & garnishing.