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Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) rules & regulations apply to all functions at Pine Ridge Golf Club where alcohol is served.

Occasional Wine Permit

Groups wishing to provide Wine ONLY on a temporary corkage permit may do so at a corkage fee of $4.50 per person plus taxes and 16% Service Charge.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Glass of Pop or Juice - $2.32

Cup of Coffee or Tea - $1.95

Bowl of Punch- $60.00 (Serves Approx. 40 ppl)


MLCC Occasional Permit Bar/Corkage Bar

An occasional permit from the MLCC is required should you choose to host a Permit/Corkage Bar. An occasional permit must be supplied upon delivery of alcohol and remain available throughout the function. The permit holder must accompany the liquor being served throughout the function and assumes responsibility as per MLCC regulations. All Beer and Liquor provided must be removed from Pine Ridge following the closure of your bar (1:00am)

A Corkage Fee of $12.50 per person shall apply

  • Corkage Fee does not include Bartenders for your event. One Bartender per 100 Guests in attendance will be supplied at a charge of $20.00 per hour.
  • Includes Soft Drinks, Clamato, Orange and Cranberry Juice, Ice, Glasses, Fresh Fruit Garnish (Lemon, Lime) and Storage and Chilling of Beer and Wine.
  • All alcohol service must halt promptly at 1:00am - all attendees & vendors must vacate the venue by 1:30am

Cash or Host Bar

(All Alcohol served will be provided by Pine Ridge Golf Club)

Alcoholic Beverages

Domestic Beer and Spirits - $5.00

Premium Beer and Spirits - $5.50

Liqueurs - $6.64

Bowl of ‘Spiked’ Punch- $165.00 (Vodka, Rum or Gin )

Signature Cocktail- price dependent


House Wine by the Glass - $6.25

Premium House Wine by the Glass - $8.20

Wines by the Bottle - Inquire about List

Late Night/ Reception Coffee and Tea Service

100% Columbian Roast Coffee, Decaf, Red Rose Tea, Cups, Saucers, Cream, Sugar & Sweetener.

50 Person Coffee Service - $90.00

75 Person Coffee Service - $130.00

100 Person Coffee Service - $150.00

We Recommend Late Night Coffee for 50% of your Total Guests